1st entry

.. and hopefully not the last one. I will try to keep you in touch about my current work, what inspires me, which projects I'm working on and I would appreciate it, if you find some time to write the one or another comment, to leave some notes ideas and everything else you want to share!  

At the moment I'm working on my first catalog of my works, and some application for scholarships financed by the bmukk, here you find some interesting links: 


Today I will bring all the stuff to the print shop, I hope I can show you the first copies soon :) 

so, this are the first impressions! next week it will be ready. 

front and back of the first little book
front and back of the first little book

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    Emilie (Samstag, 20 August 2011 14:26)

    Da wirds aber viele "ahhs" und "ohhs" geben bei deinem Katalog! Ich bin immer ganz begeistert wenn ich deine Fotos sehe, ahhh das macht also die Viki wenn sie sich nach dem Fortgehen in der Frühe aus dem Bett quält :)